Intera to exit Avarn Security

Intera Partners announces its exit from security services company Avarn Security as the firm’s majority owner Norwegian Avarn Security Group acquires the minority ownership stake held by Intera. As a result of this transaction, the company will be wholly owned by Avarn Security Group. 

Avarn Security is a leading security company that provides comprehensive services to businesses and public sector organizations in Finland. Avarn Security’s comprehensive service offering includes security technology, alarm center services, and security services. 

In late 2016, Intera entered the security sector by acquiring the entire share capital of ISS Security Oy and the Security Services business from ISS Palvelut Oy. These entities were later merged to form Prevent 360. Avarn Security in its current form was established in 2018 when Prevent 360, owned by Intera, merged with Avarn Security. Intera acted as a minority owner in the new Avarn Security, with the other significant owner being the Norwegian security company Avarn Security Group, which is now acquiring Intera’s minority stake in the company. 

Intera has been involved in the security sector for seven years, so the divestment is occurring within a typical timeframe. During Intera’s ownership, Avarn Security’s business experienced significant growth, making it one of the leading players in the security industry in Finland. Avarn Security is now well-positioned to continue its growth as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nordic group. 

The parties involved have agreed that the financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed. 


Additional information: 

Juhana Kallio
Managing Partner, Intera Partners 

Niclas Sacklén
CEO, Avarn Security (Finland) 


Intera Partners is a Finnish private equity firm with a focus on growth and internationalisation. Intera manages two active funds with a total capital of EUR 585 million. The funds are invested in a total of 12 portfolio companies with approximately 14,000 employees and a combined revenues of EUR 1.2 billion. 

Avarn Security is a leading security company providing comprehensive security services for corporate customers and public sector organizations in Finland. In 2022, Avarn Security had a turnover of 114 million euros in Finland and a staff of 3,000 employees.