What is our approach?


Our goal is to support the companies and entrepreneurs, leading to a significant increase in the companies’ sales and a clear strengthening of the strategic position. The growth can be both organic and driven by acquisitions. A stronger strategic position is often sought through internationalization. Our team and network of advisors help portfolio companies utilize proven ways to initiate internationalization or to accelerate an already established international presence.

We take responsibility for the development of the company by listening and discussing with the entrepreneurs and operational management of the portfolio companies – we believe in working together. The management is also, without exception, a significant co-owner in the companies. Management ownership is structured individually to fit the investment situation and growth phase of the company. The operational management, which Intera supports with all possible means, plays a key role in the development work.

The role of Intera is to ensure implementation of the business strategy formulated for each portfolio company and to provide the necessary financial resources for it. Execution of the strategy is supported through professional board work. Together with the entrepreneurs, Intera recruits a competent board of directors fit to the growth phase of each portfolio company.

Intera can add value especially by creating opportunities for growth through, for example, acquisitions and industry consolidations, and by acting as a reliable partner in demanding transformative situations. We are bold in building new companies in interesting industries. Our experience is trusted by both entrepreneurs and investors. This is evidenced, for example, by the numerous entrepreneurs that have partnered with us along the way, the Nordic and international investors committed to our funds, and by the several initial public offerings we have completed. Intera’s key personnel, together with our entrepreneur partners, have created several success stories. Check out our growth stories here and see our investors here.

Investment situations

  • Funding growth and acquisitions
  • Industry consolidations
  • Ownership restructuring in family-owned companies
  • Divestment of non-core operations from larger corporates

Investment criteria

  • An industry which allows a company to grow fast and to achieve a significant market position
  • Revenue in the range of €10 – 200 million
  • Predictable positive cash flow
  • Possibility to acquire majority ownership alone or with co-investors
  • Commitment to good governance and advancing corporate responsibility