Brillo is now part of Silmäasema


Silmäasema and Pecce Oy, owned by Janne Järvenpää, signed a transaction that took effect on 29 February 2016, where Silmäasema acquired the shares in Oy Brillo Ab, Vaasan Laserklinikka Oy, and the cataract surgery operations of Pecce Oy. This means that Silmäasema now owns Brillo optical stores and Silmäsairaala Brillo eye hospital. The store in Vaasa and the eye hospital will continue under the Brillo brand, but the Brillo stores in Pietarsaari, Kristiinankaupunki and Maalahti will become part of the Silmäasema chain. The total of 13 employees at the locations will continue working for the Silmäasema chain as existing employees.


Silmäasema is clearly gaining more ground in Ostrobothnia, as it is expanding operations to include several new locations. “We consider the Ostrobothnia region to be very vital and firmly believe that Silmäasema will grow despite the generally difficult economic situation”, says Pasi Kohmo, managing director of Silmäasema.

Janne Järvenpää, eye specialist and founder of Brillo, will also continue working under Silmäasema. He will continue to offer cataract surgeries and surgeries correcting refractive errors, and his practice will be available as usual. “Brillo’s operations are in good hands with Silmäasema: we share the characteristic that all products and services related to eyesight and eye health are available from the same place”, says Janne Järvenpää.

All the other existing opticians and eye physicians will continue working at the future Silmäasema stores and the Brillo store in Vaasa as usual. You should also ask the expert staff for Silmäasema’s other services related to eye health and surgery. The stores are the pathway to Silmäsairaala Brillo eye hospital in Vaasa or, when necessary, one of the other 12 eye hospitals of Silmäasema.


Silmäasema Press release 26.2.2016

Intera invests in scaffolding rental services provider Telinekymppi

Telinekymppi will continue its growth with the backing of a Finnish private equity firm Intera Partners. Telinekymppi’s current owners Juhani Kattilakoski, Jarno Tuuri, Hannu Kekoniemi and Raoul Högdal will continue in their current roles and as significant shareholders.

Intera’s Janne Näränen explains the transaction rationale: “The stable and growing building renovation market and the increasing use of weather protection in construction projects create a solid foundation for Telinekymppi’s future growth. The current owners have successfully developed the company and established its position as one of the best companies in the industry. Today, Telinekymppi is the leading rental services provider within scaffolding and weather protection in the greater Helsinki region. Our investment and support contribute to the company’s expansion into other regions in Finland.”

Jarno Tuuri, Telinekymppi’s CEO and co-owner, views Intera’s ownership as an important step forward. “Intera’s investment and resources enable us to grow in new regions with the customer-oriented and efficient concept that has been successfully developed over the years. Telinekymppi will of course continue to serve each client with the same entrepreneurial attitude as before regardless of future growth ambitions”, says Tuuri.

Also Juhani Kattilakoski, founder and co-owner of Telinekymppi, is excited about the broadened ownership and future growth prospects. “Intera will certainly be a great partner for Telinekymppi’s competent personnel going forward. Together we will ensure Telinekymppi’s customer-driven development and continued growth in this interesting industry for years to come”, Kattilakoski explains.

Additional information
Jarno Tuuri, Telinekymppi, CEO, tel. +358 40 418 5445,
Janne Näränen, Intera Partners, Partner, tel. +358 50 566 4869,

Founded in 2005, Telinekymppi provides rental and installation services within scaffolding and weather protection. The company’s customers include large construction companies, as well as local construction entrepreneurs. Telinekymppi’s offering consists of scaffolding and weather protection equipment rentals, and related delivery, installation and dismantling – a comprehensive services concept. Telinekymppi’s revenue in 2014 amounted to over EUR 13 million. Further information:

Kuopion Laserklinikka is now part of Silmäasema

Silmäasema acquired Kuopion Laserklinikka Oy’s operations related to refractive and cataract surgery on 29 January 2016. After the transaction, Petri Rekonen, eye disease specialist, will also continue surgery operations at the eye hospital of Silmäasema in Kuopio. Merja Rekonen will also continue working for Silmäasema as usual.

Unique expertise at Silmäasema in Kuopio

“Petri Rekonen is a very experienced and well-known eye surgeon in the North Savo region, and long-distance customers also visit him. The acquisition will further deepen our solid expertise and competence in Kuopio, where Silmäasema was established”, says Pasi Kohmo, managing director of Silmäasema. Petri has extensive, long-term experience in cataract and glaucoma surgeries, as well as laser and lens surgeries.


Silmäasema hospitals offer surgeries that correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Cataract surgeries are also easily available, with no queuing, at a time that best suits customers. Customers can select the surgeon from among several eye specialists of Silmäasema and discuss the operation in advance. Individual surgery planning will always ensure the best results.


Silmäasema Press release 1.2.2016