Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023

We would like to thank all our portfolio companies and stakeholders for excellent cooperation during the year and wish everyone a successful year 2023.

This year we have given a donation to Tukikummit foundation that aims to help children and adolescents that are at risk of exclusion from the society for financial reasons.

Intera’s year 2022 – the work for growth and internationalization continues to yield results

Private equity company Intera Partners supported the growth and internationalization of its portfolio companies during 2022 despite uncertainties in the economy. Intera made investments in three new portfolio companies, where e.g. energy efficiency and a functioning labor market are at the core. The companies in the portfolio grew strongly through acquisitions, and four of the companies also expanded internationally. During the year, Intera exited two companies. In 2023, Intera Partners will continue to search for new targets in line with its investment strategy, supporting sustainable growth and strong internationalization.


Three new investments in 2022

During 2022, Intera invested in two companies that share growth opportunities related to energy efficiency. At the beginning of the year, Intera invested in the Finnish heating and cooling solution supplier HögforsGST. The company’s solutions help properties improve their energy efficiency. At the end of the year, Intera invested in Cervi, a Finnish specialist in ventilation, clean indoor air and cooling. With the transaction, Intera and Cervi will be building an even stronger domestic specialist in ventilation and cooling.

During the past year, Intera also invested in Duunitori, a job search and recruitment services forerunner. As Finland’s largest job search service, Duunitori helps match job seekers and recruiters and develops the entire industry through digitalization. The goal is to continue the company’s strong growth and speed up internationalization.


Strong results in growth and internationalization

Almost 60 percent of Intera’s companies have internationalized during Intera’s ownership. This year, four companies took a strategically significant internationalization step. Roima, a growth company in the software industry, expanded to Denmark. Accounting services provider Rantalainen, and Midagon, an expert in business transformation program management, expanded to Sweden, and property maintenance service company PHM expanded to Germany.

Intera’s companies achieved ambitious goals during 2022 in other ways as well. The portfolio companies’ average sales growth was 15 percent and they completed 55 acquisitions. Along with growth, the companies have also put special emphasis on sustainability topics.

According to plans, Intera exited two companies: machine rental company Renta and Merivaara, which offers operating room systems and solutions for hospital use. During Intera’s ownership, Renta grew into the leading machine and equipment rental services company in the Baltic Sea Region with a growth in sales from 13 million euros to nearly 300 million euros.


Active investing will continue in 2023

Intera’s CEO Juhana Kallio looks to the new year 2023 with confidence.

“We will be actively looking for new investments for Intera Fund IV next year as well. Although the uncertainties in the economy are expected to continue, we intend to continue supporting our portfolio companies in the best possible way towards growth and internationalization,” says Juhana.

“I would like to thank all our portfolio companies and stakeholders for excellent cooperation during the year. Special thanks also to Intera’s team for their dedicated work with our portfolio companies. We look forward to new opportunities and excellent cooperation with our stakeholders also next year”, concludes Juhana Kallio.