Stella becomes the market leader in home-delivered services

Stella purchases Esperi response alarm and home care services. The Finnish pioneer of home-delivered services, Stella, has completed a merger that transforms the company into a national service provider.
“We have been determined to improve our services, expand nationally, and build our expertise in home-delivered services from the very beginning, and so this merger was a natural progression for Stella,” says Commercial Director Mats Rönnback.

The merger expands operations previously based in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Tampere to cover the whole of Finland. Stella provides its customers with a home safety telephone, a home doctor service, home hospital care, nursing and physiotherapy, housekeeping and childcare. Service provision will expand in coming years to cover urban growth centres, Rönnback explains:
“People in Finland are keen to continue living at home for as long as possible while retaining access to the high standard services and support that they need. Our diversified service makes this a feasible option.”

The merger makes Stella the largest provider of response alarm services in Finland. Business Manager Sini Juuti provides the figures:
“We currently serve about 35,000 care phone customers in various parts of Finland, and we also have about 160 local authority customer accounts.”
A care phone increases feelings of personal security and gives people freedom of residence and mobility in their own homes. In addition to the conventional safety bracelet, Stella now also provides geolocation bracelets with real-time GPS tracking:
“We can see great potential in applying cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our customers, and we shall continue the trends that Esperi has pioneered,” Juuti explains.
The merger also gives Stella the benefit of important expertise in home care services accumulated over decades at Esperi.

Esperi Care Oy will continue providing diversified housing and care services for the elderly and for people with special needs. Managing Director Marja Aarnio-Isohanni outlines the company’s ambitions:
“We are always looking for effective new ways of arranging services such as comfortable housing for the elderly that is cost-effective for local authorities. We believe that the Esperi home care and response alarm service is in good hands at Stella.”

Stella praised for unhurried service
Smooth co-operation of Stella professionals is the key to high service standards. Juuti points out that the company is dedicated to arranging services without haste:
“We are keen to continue ensuring that there is always time to interact with the customer.”

For more information, please contact:
Mats Rönnback, Commercial Director, Stella Homecare, +358 50 466 6298,
Tuomas Lang, Chairman, Partner, Intera Partners, +358 40 545 1240,

Stella is the market leader in home-delivered services, with 15 years of solid experience as a pioneer of home care and health services, annual turnover of some 20 million euros and a staff of about 500 people. The merger also gives Finnish Industry Investment Ltd a significant stake in Stella, with the private equity firm Intera Partners Oy continuing as principal owner. The safety telephone and home care service provider Esperi turvapuhelin- ja kotihoitopalvelut Oy will be renamed as Stella Turvapuhelin ja Hoiva Oy, and will operate as a sister company of Stella Homecare Ltd under mutually congruent management.