Consti extends its building system contracting by acquiring PutkiReformi Oy

Consti Yhtiöt, one of the leading comprehensive building renovation companies in Finland, acquires PutkiReformi Oy. After the transaction Consti Yhtiöt’s annual pro forma turnover reaches EUR 150 million and the number of employees exceeds 700.

PutkiReformi is known as an innovative water and sewer piping renovator with nation-wide operations in Finland. PutkiReformi’s solutions ensure faster renovation times than by using traditional methods. In 2009, the company’s turnover was EUR 10 million and they employed 70 professionals.

“The acquisition extends our business especially in the apartment building sector. With both the traditional and new methods now available, we offer top expertise throughout the field,” states Consti Yhtiöt’s CEO Antti Korkeela.

“Our target is to represent the best renovation solutions in all our business areas. What is more, this step further increases our competitiveness and geographical coverage,” complements Director Lasse Mäkelä at Consti.

PutkiReformi’s CEO Jan-Erik Luther says joining Consti is the best way for growth for his organization. “Now we are a part of the country’s leading building system contractor.”

For additional information, please contact:

Janne Näränen, Partner, Intera Equity Partners Oy, phone +358 50 566 4869,

Antti Korkeela, CEO, Consti Yhtiöt, phone +358 400 485 949

Lasse Mäkelä, Director (Acquisitions and Finance), Consti Yhtiöt, phone +358 40 7533 844

Jan-Erik Luther, CEO, PutkiReformi, phone +358 20 794 0058