Kuopion Laserklinikka is now part of Silmäasema


Silmäasema acquired Kuopion Laserklinikka Oy’s operations related to refractive and cataract surgery on 29 January 2016. After the transaction, Petri Rekonen, eye disease specialist, will also continue surgery operations at the eye hospital of Silmäasema in Kuopio. Merja Rekonen will also continue working for Silmäasema as usual.

Unique expertise at Silmäasema in Kuopio

“Petri Rekonen is a very experienced and well-known eye surgeon in the North Savo region, and long-distance customers also visit him. The acquisition will further deepen our solid expertise and competence in Kuopio, where Silmäasema was established”, says Pasi Kohmo, managing director of Silmäasema. Petri has extensive, long-term experience in cataract and glaucoma surgeries, as well as laser and lens surgeries.


Silmäasema hospitals offer surgeries that correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Cataract surgeries are also easily available, with no queuing, at a time that best suits customers. Customers can select the surgeon from among several eye specialists of Silmäasema and discuss the operation in advance. Individual surgery planning will always ensure the best results.


Silmäasema Press release 1.2.2016