HögforsGST is a Finnish company that specialises in the development, manufacture, sale and marketing of high-quality heating and cooling systems and is the leading heating substations supplier in the Nordic countries. The company’s objective is to reduce energy losses in properties while efficiently bringing down living costs and greenhouse gas emissions derived from heating and cooling. There is an increasing demand for energy efficient and smart heating and cooling solutions, since most of the energy used in buildings is consumed for heating which is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions as well as one of the most significant expenditures related to properties.

In spring 2022, Intera Partners joined HögforsGST as new partner and shareholder, at a time when the energy transition and solutions related to energy conservation are more topical than perhaps ever before. Intera’s objective is—together with the management and key personnel—to further accelerate the company’s growth and development work, especially regarding smart and hybrid heating solutions. In addition, HögforsGST aims to gain a stronger foothold in the international markets, which already account for most of the company’s revenue.

HögforsGST manufactures all its products in its factory, located along with the company headquarters in Leppävirta, Finland. HögforsGST serves property owners and managers, energy companies, HVAC professionals and contractors, and its modern solutions are suitable for both new buildings and older properties in the need of energy refurbishments—each solution will be chosen according to the property’s specific needs. HögforsGST has a comprehensive sales network throughout Finland and subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway. In 2021, the company employed a total of 140 people—of which over 100 in Leppävirta—and had an annual turnover of approximately EUR 30 million.

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