Ville Rantala

Joined Intera 2021

Currently I am the CEO of PHM Group, and previously during my career I have worked in several CFO and CEO positions. I have a strong background in entrepreneurship with experience especially from the manufacturing industry and the service sector.

In the early 2000s I spent six years abroad working for UPM in Germany and in the Netherlands. I have acted as a CFO for a publicly listed company and have participated in the board work of Lassila & Tikanoja, where I was also responsible for two business segments. I have gained experience from board work in my own companies as well as in one smaller publicly listed company during the last three years. For the past years I have been a full-time entrepreneur and now my current role as the CEO of PHM Group combines both entrepreneurship and a CEO position.

I was tied to Intera through a transaction in 2018 where we sold the majority of shares in Porvoon Huoltomiehet to Intera together with my business partner. Our three-year journey together with Intera has been rewarding. I see it as a privilege that my successful leadership role in one of Intera’s portfolio companies has given me an opportunity to act as an Advisor in Intera’s most recent fund. I’m looking forward to the new journey and the experiences it will offer.