JT Bergqvist

Senior Advisor
Joined Intera 2017
Work experience Huurre Group Oy, Chairman of the Board and CEO; several other board memberships and international executive functions

My background is in ICT, and as a younger man I held the position of a lecturer in the Helsinki University of Technology and that of an associate professor in the Helsinki School of Economics. After giving in to an industrial career I worked first at Nokia and later in leadership positions at Elektrobit Oyj, K. Hartwall Oy Ab, Huurre Group and Rainmaker Oy. Nowadays, I lead as chairman the boards of three leading technology companies, two of which are conducting their business on several continents. In addition, I am holding positions of trust in education and culture as well as at Technology Industries of Finland association.

Alongside the operative business roles, I have been a member or chairman of the board of both unlisted and listed companies for about 20 years. The longest board memberships have been 12 years at Norvestia Oyj (of which 10 years as COB) and at Swiss Ascom AG.

I became the advisor for Intera’s third fund in March 2017. Together with the excellent team of Intera I believe I will be able to advance the birth of outperforming companies in service, sales and manufacturing industries.