Aarne Aktan

Senior Advisor
Joined Intera 2016

My professional career is slightly untypical, and so far can be divided into three phases. I started as an IT entrepreneur in the mid-90’s by co-founding a company called Quartal Oy with some of my friends. Quartal was sold in parts to its competitors and a private equity firm, after which I worked as a CEO at Talentum during 2011-2016 and learned a lot about business management and running a listed company. Talentum was sold to Alma Media and I proceeded to run a brisk healthcare company Pihlajalinna for a couple of years until December 2017.

I have BOD experience from listed as well as privately owned companies. At the moment I am a chairman of the board at Trainer’s House and a board member of Solteq Oy.

I joined Intera Partners’ Fund III board in June 2016. I want to support Intera and its portfolio companies in creating success stories in the Finnish enterprise field.