Silmäasema enters Helsinki Stock Exchange


In connection to the successful initial public offering on the main list of NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange Intera Fund II Ky has sold a part of its ownership in Silmäasema to institutional buyers and private investors, continuing as the single largest shareholder.

Intera invested in Silmäasema in August 2014 to support the company in its growth strategy. In 2015 Silmäasema opened ten new stores in Finland, founded an eye clinic in Jyväskylä, acquired a retail shop and invested in digital development. During 2016 the company opened 14 new stores and made a total of seven acquisitions. In January 2017 Silmäasema expanded its operations to a new market area in Estonia.

Silmäasema’s business model is to provide complete vision and eye healthcare services, and their goal is to be the market leader in optical retail and operating eye clinics. Intera sees Silmäasema as a growing and developing health care service company. After the IPO, Intera continues to support Silmäasema’s sustainable growth story as a significant shareholder of the company.

Tuomas Lang and Tuomas Sarkola continue in their roles as board members of Silmäasema after the IPO.