Intera Partners Oy (Y-tunnus 2386785-4)
Keskuskatu 1a, 00100, Helsinki
+358 9 2525 2200,

The person in charge

Tuomas Kahri
Keskuskatu 1a, 00100, Helsinki
+358 9 2525 2200,

Name of the register

Intera Partners recruitment candidate register

The purpose of the register

Intera Partners (hereinafter jointly referred as “Intera”) can use the data stored in the register in connection with executive search and recruitment projects regarding available jobs within Intera and its portfolio companies.

Content of the register

The register includes contact information related to Intera’s recruitment projects and other prospect relationships. The following data may be stored in the register:

  • Basic contact details such as name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth
  • Information on professional education, employment history, diplomas and certificates, current employer, position, title, applications
  • Other associated information regarding co-operation with Intera

Regular sources of information

Personal data is collected from the data subjects themselves or from publicly available resources by Intera or its representative in connection with the mutual or prospected co-operation.

Regular destinations and transfer of data

The personal data is not transferred outside Intera unless specifically agreed upon the transfer with the data subject.

In general, the data will not be transferred to countries outside European Union or European Economic Area, unless specifically agreed upon the transfer with the data subject.

The principles for security of the data file and register

The security of the data files complies with Finnish law and Intera’s data protection practices.

The personal data chosen to provide will be processed only by specified Intera employees. Access to the electrical register is solely by persons who are required to know the personal data due to e.g. their work tasks (need-to-know principle).

Data Subjects’ Rights

An individual being a data subject is entitled to have access to the registration data concerning him or her in the register and at any time and request that personal data be erased. Such individual shall make a request to this effect to the person in charge of Intera’s register.