Normek grows with the acquisition of Naaraharju Oy and Botnia Fasad Oy


Normek, owned by Intera Fund I, grows by acquiring Naaraharju Oy, a producer of steel structures, and Botnia Fasad Oy, a producer of glass facades. The acquisitions increase Normek’s budgeted turnover for 2011 to over €100 million.

”With the acquisitions of Naaraharju and Botnia Fasad we attempt to enhance our position especially in the Finnish and Swedish markets for steel structures and glass facade production”, Managing Director of Normek, Klaus Saarikallio says. ”By improving sales and marketing and with synergy benefits, we attempt to gain an increased amount of orders for our production facilities. For our clients the acquisitions bring increased capacity also for the largest and most demanding projects”, Saarikallio continues.

At the moment two thirds of Normek’s order stock comes from Sweden, where the company in June 2010 acquired Brisab Industri AB, a producer of steel structures. ”We will continue to produce the most demanding structures and the largest projects in Finland even for the Swedish markets. It is our objective to gain foothold in the Swedish glass facade market together with Botnia Fasad”, Klaus Saarikallio says.
Both Normek and Naaraharju have a strong position as supplier of steel structures to industrial projects. A clear area of growth is the mining industry. In Northern Sweden, Normek has already in the past years delivered three substantial steel structure deliveries for the mining industry, each worth over €10 million.

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Naaraharju Oy is founded in 1970 and is today a leading supplier of steel structures in Finland. The company’s production facility is located in Naarajärvi, Pieksamäki. At the moment the company employs approximately 80 people and its budgeted turnover for the year 2011 is €19 million.

Botnia Fasad Oy is one of Finland’s leading suppliers of glass facade solutions. The company’s modern production facility is located in Isokyrö. Botnia Fasad employs 30 people and its budgeted turnover for year 2011 is €8 million.
Normek Group concentrates on production of steel structures, glass facades and steel bridges. Normek is one of the market leaders in the Nordic Countries. Normek’s headquarters are located in Vantaa, and after the acquisitions the Group has six production facilities in Finland and two in Sweden.