Sitowise is the largest Finnish-owned building and infrastructure construction consultancy company, providing a comprehensive set of design, expert and digital services. Sitowise aspires to establish the best possible settings for a safe and carefree daily life in traffic, infrastructure, and buildings. As a thought leader in the sector, Sitowise seeks to redefine, devise, and implement the transformation required by future societies. Through the collaboration of engineers, application developers, and other professionals, the company responds to the diverse needs of its clients.

Sitowise was created in 2017 when Finnish companies Sito and Wise Group were combined with Intera’s support. Sitowise has experienced significant growth in Finland and Sweden, both organically and through acquisitions. The company made its debut on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange in 2021.

Sitowise offers services related to real estate and buildings, infrastructure, and digital solutions both in Finland and in Sweden.


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