Rototec is the largest provider of geoenergy solutions in Europe, offering comprehensive services for the consulting, design, and implementation of geoenergy solutions. Geoenergy is renewable energy sourced from the ground, which can be used to heat and cool properties of all sizes. Rototec is a forerunner  in geoenergy systems and drilling both in the Nordic countries and beyond.

Intera invested in Rototec in 2014 to support the company’s growth and internationalization. Under Intera’s ownership, the company grew to become the largest geoenergy company in Europe and one of the leading renewable energy companies in the Nordic countries. Intera created a leading player in the fragmented sector through acquisitions and determined Nordic growth: between 2014–2021, Rototec acquired 12 companies, grew its business in Finland and Sweden, and expanded into Norway. During Intera’s ownership, the business was also expanded to the design and consulting of geoenergy systems.  The company achieved its market-leading position through increasingly larger and more demanding projects.

With Intera’s support, the company nearly tripled its revenue from EUR 22 million in 2013 to EUR 60 million in 2021. Formica Capital, a Swedish family-owned investment company focused on sustainable business, acquired Rototec from Intera in the spring of 2021. At the time of the exit, Rototec had installed over 60,000 thermal wells and saved an estimated 285,000 tons of carbon dioxide.


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