Roima Intelligence

Roima Intelligence is a rapidly growing software company with a mission to empower its customers to achieve sustainable results through digitalization. The company offers its customers production, supply chain and logistics and product information management solutions. The European manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital disruption that is changing the competitive landscape and operating environment. Within a short period of time, Roima has become a key partner for leading Finnish and international companies, in their effort to increase competitiveness and sustainability.

Roima Intelligence was established in 2014 to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the manufacturing industry. Roima’s goal is to be a leading international software company which through its own products and experts has a broad vision and the ability to implement smart factory, supply chain, product information management solutions that improve the competitiveness of its customers.

Intera Partners partnered up with Roima in 2018 to support the company’s growth and internationalization. Today, Roima is on a path of strong growth and internationalization and has become a Nordic leader in its field. Digitalization, automation and the increasing importance of production responsibility create a strong foundation for Roima’s continued growth.


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