Avarn Security

Avarn Security is a leading security company providing comprehensive security services for corporate customers and public sector organizations in Finland. The company’s goal is to assist its clients in creating safe and efficient operational environments. Avarn’s security offering includes security systems, alarm center services, and guarding services.

In late 2016, Intera entered the security sector by acquiring the entire share capital of ISS Security Oy and the Security Services business from ISS Palvelut Oy. These entities were later merged to form Prevent 360. Avarn Security in its current form was established in 2018 when Prevent 360, owned by Intera, merged with Avarn Security. Intera acted as a minority owner in the new Avarn Security, with the other significant owner being the Norwegian security company Avarn Security Group, who later acquired Intera’s minority stake in the company. 

In September 2023, Intera exited from Avarn when the majority owner of the company, the Norwegian Avarn Security Group, acquired Intera’s minority stake. At the time of the exit, the company had a turnover of approximately 114 million euros.


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