Cervi is a Finnish company specializing in ventilation, clean indoor air, and cooling. Cervi offers a comprehensive range of services for its clients for the maintenance, repair, and renovation of ventilation systems. Additionally, the company provides services in the maintenance, repair and monitoring of refrigeration and cooling systems. Cervi is a unique company in Finland with its strong focus specifically on indoor air quality, ventilation and cooling that has supported the company’s growth. In addition, developing smart technologies has played an important role in the company’s operations.

Intera joined Cervi’s growth story as an investor at the end of 2022. Through the partnership, Intera and Cervi are focused on further strengthening the company’s specialist position in ventilation and cooling in Finland. Cervi targets growth through continuously moving towards a more comprehensive service offering. The company’s goal is to be the leading specialist and partner in energy-efficient ventilation and cooling solutions as well as the most desirable employer in its field.

Founded in 2014, Cervi has experienced strong growth over the recent years and the company’s growth target is to increase Cervi’s headcount to a thousand and turnover to 100 million euros. The company operates in the Helsinki capital region and other major cities and growth centers in Finland.

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