Intera joins Midagon as new growth partner and shareholder


Intera joins Midagon as new growth partner and shareholder, and will continue to build Midagon’s growth story together with management and personnel.

Midagon will continue on its proven path of serving customers with a clear value proposition and integrity. Together with Intera, Midagon will have access to even more tools and resources to grow and develop, and serve its customers even better than in the past both in Finland and in international markets.

“During the past few years, Midagon’s growth has been strong, and this is an important next step in our growth story. With more resources for growth and internationalization, we look forward to serving our customers even more broadly and offering top opportunities for experienced project and program managers. As the number and complexity of critical business and IT transformations increases, there will be clear demand for independent advisory also in the future”, says Midagon’s CEO Ilkka Töyrylä.

“Midagon is today one of the few truly independent and objective advisors to customers looking to successfully transform their operations and IT. The company has grown over many years thanks to its clear customer focus and strong value proposition to its experienced and highly capable employees. We look forward to partnering with Midagon’s team in continuing this successful journey of growth and building further on the company’s strengths”, says Intera’s Partner Christoffer Zilliacus.



For further information, please contact:

Christoffer Zilliacus, Partner


Midagon is a Finnish, independent consulting company focused on business transformation program management. Midagon’s experienced senior managing consultants have on average more than 20 years of experience from realizing business benefits through complex business transformations. Midagon was established in 2006 and has 70 employees.