Intera acquires majority in Trafotek


Intera Equity Partners acquires a majority interest in Trafotek Oy, a quality supplier of inductive components for power electronics industries. The current owners, Mr Rauno Mattila and his daughters Ms Jaana Kotro and Ms Nina Arvonen will retain a 30% ownership stake in the company.

The current development of the electrical engineering sector is driven by global trends, such as energy efficiency, energy quality requirements and renewable energy production.

“Trafotek is an integral part of the Finnish electrical engineering competence cluster. The company’s customers include leading players in the electrical engineering sector. We are proud to become a part of this success story. Our expertise and resources will help Trafotek achieve its business development and internationalization targets. We are confident that Trafotek will grow and develop as a company in the coming years”, says Heikki Kivirinta, Director at Intera Equity Partners.

“Intera will provide valuable competencies in internationalization and strategic planning, and better opportunities to grow in line with our customers’ businesses in Finland and globally,” says Rauno Mattila, Trafotek’s Chairman of the Board.

“We will continue to develop and grow Trafotek’s production, as well as product development, quality and design capabilities according to our customers’ needs.  We aim to ensure the continuous improvement of our customer-oriented business model and maintain cost-effectiveness in manufacturing. Pertti Arvonen will continue as Trafotek’s CEO, and become a shareholder in the company,” says Mattila.

For more information:

Heikki Kivirinta, Director, Intera Equity Partners Oy, tel +358 50 5322 667,

Rauno Mattila, Chairman of the Board, Trafotek Oy, tel +358 400 224 023,

Pertti Arvonen, CEO, Trafotek Oy, tel +358 40 5140 565,